5 Things Recent College Graduates Should Be Doing NOW To Make The Most Out Of Life

Thought Catalog

Remember when graduating from college meant we could stop preparing for life and actually start living it? When we could take a break from the suffocating stress of academic life to breathe and finally reap the rewards of all of our hard work over the past 22 years? Remember when graduating meant freedom, money, and happiness instead of debt, months without seeing your best friends, and living at home again while the constant nagging voice of your mother tells you to “clean your room” “eat your vegetables” and to “not stay out too late.” If you’re like me and you’re stuck in this “in-between” stage of life where you did everything right in college — got the grades, landed the prestigious internship, and networked the hell out those career fairs — but still ended back at home living under your parent’s roof, saving money, and waiting for the day when…

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